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Follow us on Facebook to receive updates on future sales. If you'd like to donate items at any time, please contact us at tackgivesback@gmail.com.

We support the equine community and the environment through resale, recycle and donation of equestrian goods. 

Find that piece of riding gear you need at a great price. Drop off lightly used gear and get a tax deduction.


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880 Runnymede Rd.
Woodside, CA 94028

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Our sales are on scheduled once a month on Saturdays. Follow us on Facebook to receive updates on future sales. 


We accept donations at any time. To drop off items, please contact us at tackgivesback@gmail.com




Our mission is twofold:

Support Horses in need

Whether horses are your hobby or your profession, we all know they are expensive. Organizations, like equine therapeutic riding programs for kids and adults with special needs, have hefty operational costs and need funds to cover those costs. We take 80% of proceeds from our sales and donate them directly to local Bay Area equine nonprofits. 

Quality merchandise at affordable prices

We carry quality merchandise at a great price. New and used inventory donated to us, cleaned, and put up for sale. To shop for saddles and other gently used items, find us on Facebook for information about our next sale. 

About us

Tack Gives Back was founded out of a need in the equestrian community in the San Francisco Bay Area. We began by operating NCEFT's Bits 'n' Pieces Tack Shed in Woodside, CA, and recognized a broader need for riders to donate their riding gear and buy others' gear. We also saw many equestrian groups in need of funding to cover their operational costs. Thus, Tack Gives Back was founded and we became a nonprofit organization in 2014. 

Proceeds fund hand-picked equine nonprofits in the Bay Area.  

Woodside, CA


NCEFT treats developmentally disabled youth and adults as well as veterans with hippotherapy.


Woodside, CA


Founded in 1985, the B.O.K. Ranch Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program is dedicated to providing horseback riding lessons to children and adults with special needs.


Saddles come with a two week trial.  We keep this list updated but we're getting new saddles in all the time, so please come to our sales to see the most current inventory. 

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